A welcome note …

Today I received alamanda catalogue, so we all jomlah ke Alamanda shopping centre. ????? ???? ??????? I baru dapat ari nie. Some part ade yang cheap and expensive. Find out the ideal gift for your lover. Ehhhhhh. . . saya terlupelah Mother’s and Father’s Day is coming, or are you stuck to perfect the perfect gift for her. Just visit Alamanda Shopping centre. ok . . lah tu.This is a LeSportsac. cute kan……… I have listed a few tips. How to choose the right bag for you?

Size: The size of the bag should relate to the size of your body. ????? ??????

Shape: The shape of a bag should be the opposite of your own shape.

Lastly, always “try on” a bag standing of a full leght mirror. You’ll be able to check the propotions and the shape and see where it hits your body.


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